Learn how to transform unhealthy anger into healthy communication and lasting connection. Recognize what unhealthy anger looks like and how to transform it into healthy communication and connection!

Here's some of the tips you'll get:

  • Most people get stuck in blame. The first step in healthy communication is focusing on you!

  • Name-calling, insults or guilt trips hit below the belt. Use I messages to avoid blame.

  • Destroying things and violating personal space are signs of abuse. Respect physical space to feel safe.

Meet Michelle Farris!

My name is Michelle Farris and I'm a licensed psychotherapist in San Jose, California. I love teaching others how to manage their anger so they feel confident and empowered in relationships. I offer gentle support and practical tools that are simple and easy to practice. I also offer online courses on Taming Your Anger and Healing Codependency.

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