Join experts Michelle Farris and Sharon Martin for

30 Minutes to Better Boundary Solutions

 Simple strategies for handling common boundary issues without feeling guilty.


In this free 30 minute video training, you're going to learn how to...

  • Communicate your boundaries clearly and effectively.
  • Set boundaries with difficult people even when you're worried about their reactions.
  • Understand and set your physical boundary with angry people.
  • Master simple techniques for handling yourself in challenging situations.
  • Solve the 3 common boundary dilemmas that everyone can relate to!

What others are saying...

Codependency recovery and self-trust

"I have just listened to the 30 Minutes to Better Boundary Solutions.  It was so helpful in hearing them talk through different examples and strategies. I could relate to these stories because my relationships have not been equal. There were some great take-aways that I got from this video."

~ Sue S. from San Jose, CA

Learn how to set boundaries in common dilemmas!

Setting boundaries isn't just about how you communicate with your partner. Every relationships needs boundaries in order to be healthy whether it's with a neighbor, your in-laws or with friends.


  • You and your partner not arguing about your in-laws.
  • Not dreading conversations with your neighbors.
  • Not feeling resentful because you're doing too much.

These are some of the examples we tackle in this training.

Setting boundaries with families

What others are saying...

Codependency setting boundaries video

"As a writer on codependency, I have to say that the Better Boundary Solutions video – with its relevant and relatable scenarios – stands out. It gave me real things I can do, starting today, to set stronger, more self-respecting, boundaries with family, friends, and others. Michelle Farris’ and Sharon Martin’s compassionate and human approach really sets them apart."

~ James Warda, author of "Where are we going so fast?",


Codependency free boundary video

Michelle Farris, L.M.F.T

She is a psychotherapist and anger management expert. She teaches others how to build healthy relationships without sacrificing themselves. She loves watching TV and anything Starbucks!  

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Sharon Martin, L.C.S.W

Sharon is a mental health and relationship expert living in San Jose, CA. Her psychotherapy practice specializes in helping perfectionists and people-pleasers increase their self-acceptance and happiness. She loves to read historical non-fiction and watches entirely too much T.V.

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