Codependency Workbook for growth
  • Are you tired of putting others first?
  • Are boundaries really difficult?
  • Do you over-give then regret it?
  • Are relationships not benefitting you?
  • If yes, recovery starts with you!

If you're ready to change these patterns, The Codependency Workbook is for you!


Are you serious about your recovery?

Self-care isn't's self-CARE!

In this e-workbook you will learn...

  • Create mutually satisfying relationships
  • Build self-esteem and cultivate intuition
  • Practice healthy boundaries
  • Find a strong support system for recovery
  • Resolve painful relationship behaviors
  • Heal old resentments and make amends
codependency workbook and guide for recovery

What others are saying...

Business Coach Jessica Rom

“Michelle's codependency workbook has been pivotal in helping me understand codependency, identify my own codependent behaviors, and practice what my life might look like without codependency. This was the perfect blend of accessible information, practice, and an actionable plan. Thank you, Michelle!"

~ Jessica Rom, business coach,

Create your own relationship recovery.

Counseling for women

Build a solid foundation self-care and self-trust.

Codependency course

Address issues of control and perfectionism.

relationship healing

Set healthy boundaries with difficult people.

counseling for codependent men

Heal and let go of old hurt and resentment.

See What's Inside!

The Codependency Workbook

What others are saying...

Beth Rowles family alchemist

"Michelle’s Codependency Workbook is a fantastic experiential guide to help you discover how codependent behaviors are sabotaging your most treasured relationships. The Codependency Workbook is an incredible resource for men and women determined to change their relationship patterns."

~ Beth Rowles , Family Alchemist,

Topics covered:

Codependency recovery workbook
  • Module one: What is codependency
  • Module two: Practicing self-care
  • Module three: Self-esteem and intuition
  • Module four: Issues of control
  • Module five: Creating a strong recovery
  • Module six: Setting boundaries
  • Module seven: Transforming relationship behaviors



What others are saying...

Healing relationships

"Michelle Farris’ workbook is a fantastic resource; I’m confident recommending them to clients and friends because I know the quality is beyond compare. Michelle provides a combination of support, education, and practical tips that you can start using today! And Michelle is such a warm and compassionate therapist who tackles difficult issues with grace and integrity."

~ Sharon Martin, psychotherapist and author of The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism


Codependency counseling

Hey there!

I'm Michelle Farris and I'm a marriage and family therapist and anger management specialist in San Jose, California. In my private practice I love teaching relationship skills that are easy to implement quickly.

I've been doing my own relationship recovery for over 30 years so I'm right there with you! You CAN heal these patterns and create the kind of connections you crave. It start with you! Are you ready?



Plus you'll get 7 short videos for added help!

codependency workbook and guide for recovery