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Is low self-esteem hurting your relationships?

Feeling confident doesn't have to take years to learn. In this ebook you'll learn:

Step 1. The Importance of Self-care When you know how to take care of yourself, self-esteem naturally improves. You deserve to put yourself first! 

Step 2. Making Peace with Your Past Old unresolved hurts keep us stuck. This powerful written exercise walks you through healing resentments in the right way.

Step 3. Letting Go of the Familiar Learn how to move past the fear of change and start feeling confident again. 

Step 4. How to Accept Love in Your Life When self-esteem is a struggle, it's difficult to accept it. Learning how to accept the love takes work.

Ebook on Building Confidence

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Email course for anger management

In this email course you'll learn:

  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy anger
  • The power of self-talk and how to change it 
  • Identify your early warning signs of anger
  • The physical effects of anger on the body
  • Why mistakes are actually a good thing

What others are saying about Catching Your Anger Before It Hurts

Counseling recovery

I really enjoyed the course on anger. For someone who is struggling, I think it's perfect! The language you used is very loving; there were no hints of judgment which for me is really important when I’m looking at scary things such as my own anger. ~ Alyssa 

After 17 years of feeling like I was in a hamster wheel getting nowhere when I tried EVERYTHING to talk to my partner. Whether I raged, yelled, and or tried to talk to him calmly. I always came a way feeling madder and more frustrated than before. NOTHING ever got resolved for me. And NOTHING changed. Not until this course! ~ Kathleen

As a therapist, I know how difficult it is to find quality anger management materials for my clients. Michelle Farris has put together a much needed resource based on her years of experience helping people cope with stress and anger. I highly recommend this course! ~ Sharon Martin, Codependency Expert  

Meet Michelle, Your Instructor

Michelle Farris is licensed marriage and family therapist and anger management specialist in San Jose, California. 

She also creates online courses on how to build healthy relationships without sacrificing yourself, managing anger effectively and healing codependency. It's the power of accountability and unconditional support that helps you move forward, let go of the past and truly heal. 

Counseling for women about anger and relationships

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